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COVID19 will be considered a major inflexion point in the timeline of global healthcare. It will mark an increased use of digital health tools and exponential technologies that bring a care receiver closer to their care giver despite physical distances, help with faster diagnoses, cure and prevention of life threatening conditions in a way that is safe, affordable and scalable.

The healthcare of the future may not be that distant in the future. 


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 See 10 practices from high performing healthcare organizations to successfully navigate the evolving care delivery and value based payment models.

We are delighted to share that our paper on "Accountable Health Care" was accepted and published by The Journal of Clinical Pathways (a peer reviewed Journal)

Using principles of pathways, the paper explores a framework for a restructuring health care that aligns design, delivery, governance, and administration to reconnect providers, caregivers, and patients; improve quality and safety; and continue to lower cost of care. This framework has the potential to increase individual and provider accountability; reduce waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars; and ultimately build a healthier population.

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Founded in July 2016, myHealthQ LLC is the result of passion for Thoughtfulness, Simplicity, Integrity and Transparency in global healthcare.


It is a quest for thoughtful and meaningful change in the healthcare ecosystems globally that started with a series of personal experiences from over three decades ago. As one experiences a variety of care settings for different healthcare related episodes during one’s life, one wonders does it have to be so complex. This complexity must be simplified.


There is no denying that modern day science and technology are irreplaceable components of high quality care. At the same time the power of thoughtfulness for the experiences that patients and the caregivers have as they interact with each other through the continuum of care cannot be ignored or underestimated. Thoughtfulness must be an integral part of all activities in the ecosystem!


Our work products are Focused, we perform our services with Integrity and provide tangible Value based on real world Experience. We are committed to our clients’ success and well-being of the communities they serve.


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myHealthQ LLC, is a Georgia Limited Liability Corporation.